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Changing the language invalidate castle upgrades



Hello everyone,


I've played the game in French from the start, but due to poor translation, I wanted to switch to English.


Unfortunately, I've found a bug with the castle while switching from a game language to another: the improvements done to the castle are no more displayed as achieved (don't know if it's just a display or effective bug).

I think that the logical strings used to check if an improvement has been done or not are translated too (very bad idea).


This bug is easy to reproduce (just do some improvements to your castle while playing in French, than switch back to English).


I'm playing on Linux, but I don't think that it's platform dependent.

Furthermore, I haven't checked other languages, but I suppose that this bug exists for any other language.


I don't think that you need any of my files, but don't hesitate to ask if I'm wrong.


If someone else could check for other OSes or languages, it would be great.



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