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Looted bodies don't disappear [ GOG]



Something that's not gamebreaking, though annoying as hell. Appeared only after the hotfix was applied.


Looted bodies remain on ground as unclickable, shiny, sparkling objects and the ground is simply littered with them. 

When I move my party around as a stack, I can sometimes click at one of the bodies, a party member approaches it, opens an empty container and when I close the popup, the body at least stops to sparkle. It's still there as a theoretically clickable object but I cannot interact with it anymore.  

Carcasses disappear when I leave the area and enter it back.


Posting screenshots would be useless because everything looks normal, like not looted yet corpses.

In narrow corridors or areas with throngs of enemies, it's really bothering.




The bug seems to be a little more serious. 

Some bodies can be accessed when a character is standing right on top of them and the body is double-clicked. Area-looting picks equipments/remnants from some bodies and some are left with goodies. It seems to be random because distant bodies sometimes get picked clean while the nearby ones remain with loot. Even bodies still with loot cannot be accessed in the normal way.


Looks like I'll have to approach each and every body, stand directly on top of it and search it "manually" to make (somewhat) sure that I'm not missing anything vital.




Guys, that Paradox logo when the game is launching... It jinxed you. You are implementing as many bugs with every patch as you fix.

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