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Owerpower casters?



i figured after some point or level , priest mage druid lvl 1 spells became per encounter not rest.this make a huge overpowering issue imo.is it a bug or wai?

i play paths of damned and i started to spam lvl1 spells in each encounter...tanglefoot..wizards areacolddmg..druids areashock dmg.. and they all melt.

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Starting at level 9, 1st level spells become per encounter instead of per rest. This is intended. By that point your caster is proficient enough in their spell usage that those early level spells seem almost trivial to cast. And your higher leveled spells are potent enough to make a significant difference in battles. It's up to you to at that point to use easily refreshed abilities or more powerful but harder to refresh spells.

I hope that answers your question.

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