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Can´t download the game [STEAM version]



Since yesterday, i can´t play PoE.  A huge patch appeared, which at firtst i thought it was something related with Steam downloading a language pack or something like that. So, i started to download 6BG that suddenly stopped at 3, and now is impossible to dowload more. I´ve tried to reinstall the game, but with no success, when i reach the 3 GB, the progress stops and wont go further in the downloading. An error message appear saying corrupted downloading, but as i said before, i´ve been trying to download the game many times and the problem persists.


I don´t know what to do or if this situation is a common issue or not. I hope that this problem can be fixed as soon as possible. 


Thanks for your time.



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I would install steam outside of the program files directory, (if that is where steam is installed) if you have steam in the program files directory, windows sometimes have permission issues with stuff, especially games.


try moving the steam folder to another directory,







see if that fixes the issue, but yeah, completely remove the pillars folder from within the common folder, then try again once the folder has been moved.

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