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1.03 Three little bugs

James Harrison


1) The 'Hearth Hearvest' Hatchet is Oversized.


I've got the Hearth Hearvest Hatchet equipped on sagani - it's way to large in the inventory screen (no matter where I put it)... have a look.


Sorry I cant attach saves, they are to large.


2) Weapon changing Bug


If I use Kana's quick weapons (of which there are three) other party members then have a third invisible weapon slot - that is while it is not graphically displayed (if I hover over there quick weapons) I do cycle weapon set one / weapon set 2 / fists (weapon set 3)


If you look I've used this to make sagani not to be holding anything in the screenshot.


3) If I have Autopause on "weapon ineffective" it triggers on kana a lot, but despite my best efforts I just don't know what causes it... it might be reloading his gun, but I'm sure he's had it on melee.... meh! sorry - you really need the save fo this, but they are to big to upload.




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Definitely have issues 1 and 2 mentioned above. My autopause settings are different, so I haven't observed issue 3. I'll append a screenshot of issue 2 (you can observe this in the lower left corner). For issue 2, it seems that everyone has an additional, inaccessible weapon set (i.e. it ends up on the weapon cycle, but nothing can be placed in it on the inventory screen). This happens in newly created games as well, so I don't believe it's attached to Kana in any way (and in fact Kana will have an inaccessible fourth weapon set when recruited).


I'll append a few further issues:


4) Surely this trap damage is... wrong, yes?


5) Font issues with certain books with long titles. Running the game at 1920x1080.


6) Holding a 1H weapon in the off hand and nothing in the main hand retains the accuracy of 1H combat, but adds an additional fist attack.


7) No screenshot, but numerous issues with consistent tense in the various books. Just to list the ones I've caught:


Edrang Haret: "As his first act as the new gref, the ferconyng instructs..." should be "instructed"


The Dyrwood, Part 2: "Neither side can gain the upper hand..." should be "could gain"; "Because of this the peace between the Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath is uneasy" should probably be "was uneasy" or "remained uneasy"


The Dyrwood, Part 3: The entire second passage is written in the present tense, and should be converted to the past tense. The third paragraph mixes the present and past tense and should likewise be corrected. In the fourth paragraph "a fine will be levied" should be changed to "a fine would be levied", and "making the Coopers' Rebellion and its instigators seemed far worse" needs to be "seem far worse"


The Dyrwood, Part 4: "This was done discretely at first..." should be "discreetly at first." (This particular infraction is a pet peeve of mine). "declaring themselves independent and decree..." should be "decreed". "The Dyrwoodans, with their Glanfathan allies were able to perservere," needs a comma between "allies" and "were".


The Dyrwood, Part 5: "Even with continued research, they are unable to tell quite what they have discovered," either needs to be put in the past tense, or made clearer (e.g. "Even continuing research by contemporary animancers have been unable to tell quite what was discovered"). "The animancers documented the secrets of the mind hunters powers" needs an ownership apostrophe "mind hunters' powers").


The Dyrwood, Part 6: "The contempt the Dyrwoodans have for Cold Morn for this betrayal lasts well after the war ends" should be "has lasted well after the war's end". "beneath the bridge at Halgot Citadel. Intending the lure" should instead be "Halgot Citadel, intending to lure". "Five years after the first Hollowborn,,, is saved" should be "was saved".


I've just finished Act 1 in the game, so there may be more on the way. I know none of this stuff is game breaking, but thought it should be reported all the same. (Also, sorry about the image quality, upload limit is pretty restrictive).






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