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Items taken from a dead Character's body disappearing when returning to the zone in which they died.



I noticed items disappearing and had no idea where to turn until finding this post. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75432-bug-disappearance-of-equipment-dropped-by-early-companions/


In my situation i had a character (rogue) who i wanted to kill because i wanted to make a rogue with a different portrait and a new character with the current portrait. So i had my group beat her to death in the stronghold courtyard and went off to Dyrford village to make the replacements. I noticed eventually that all the items from my rogue had disappeared when leaving Brighthollow, after jumping from save to save trying to figure what had happened i googled until finding the post above which explained what happened pretty well.


This is a pretty sever bug, my game is currently unplayable as if i enter the stronghold again i will lose a ton of good items. I need to test it further but i think it can be prevented by storing the items in question on a character who is dismissed at the stronghold however that still leaves a good deal of items unusable.


I'd have to backtrack 5 hours to get my trollhide belt back which i'm almost certain at this point i will never see again.


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