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Heritage Hill Hostility



I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if it's something I did wrong. But I started doing some of the quests in Heritage Hill. As I entered, I talked my way past the guards at the entrance (after getting permission from Wyla). Then, not far inside the gate, as I fought the first group of undead things, the guards at the entrance came to attack me, seemingly out of nowhere.


Still, I killed them and moved on in the zone, doing what I could (I was a bit underleveled for some things, it turns out.) I got to where you find Saeda hiding in a tomb, and set her free so that she could escape. After doing that, I headed for the entrance to the zone to go elsewhere. Saeda was still there. She'd gone hostile, and immediately ran up to attack me.


At the moment, I can't tell if this has interfered with any quests. The one with Saeda seems to have been completed before her sudden attempt at bravery. Just a bit concerning when NPCs attack you and you're not sure why.

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Same bug. When I solve the problem with Heritage Hill (making only "good" choises, so everybody happy) and go to the gates, there are hostile justiciars AND Saeda. When they attak me, the dialogue appears:

Saeda: "There! That's the nice man who helped me."

Justiciar: "And thank the Iron Arm for it. We'll get your sorted out at the Keep."


Then everybody attacks. And I forced to kill guards and little girl whom I just saved.


Sorry, I know that my English is poor, but THAT'S a shame, Obsidian. The same as in "Missing Sentries" quest.

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