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Feature Request: Achievement Tracking

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I was trying to get the pacifist achievement with my third character and thought that I was doing well because I generally sneaked or fast talked or bribed my way past encounters, until I brought up the bestiary and counted the number of monsters that I had killed. I had killed around 90 or so monsters, not including kith, and I pretty much gave up on the achievement (kill less than 175 creatures or NPCs throughout the game).


I didn't think i could make it through the rest of the game with less than 80 kills (as I had killed several kith during the tutorial). When I did my count, I hadn't even reached Act 2 yet...


What would really help is an optional achievement counter system like the one in Team Fortress 2 or other similar games. The way it works is that there is a counter on the screen that ticks down when you kill someone for the pacifist achievement. Also, you could have a counter for the murderer achievement (kill 1200 or 1500 creatures, can't remember how many exactly).


Thank you.

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