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Finished first playthrough. Some thoughts. [Spoilers]

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Finished my first playthrough. (Normal difficulty.)


Dispersed Theos' soul as a mercy and then sent the souls out randomly as per Wael's suggestion.


The endings I got were:


Gilded Vail is conquered by Raedric's Shade.

The Dozens become leaders of Defiance Bay and cooperate with the Knight of the Crucible.

As a whole the whole incident is blamed on the Leaden Key and the study of animancy is restored and the Sanitarium is rebuilt.

Because my character didn't destroy the tower in Heritage Hill remnants of the Leaden Key reactivate it after people start to move back in and the district become abandoned.

Odd Nua becomes famous as the greatest keep in the land and has visitors all the time.

Aloth dedicates himself to hunting down and destroying the remnants of the Leaden Key.

Eder becomes the Mayor of Dyrford and it becomes a prosperous city.

Durance immolates himself after deciding that he's failed to regain the favor of his god (and blaming stuff on Woedica).

Kana goes back to his people and inspires them to explore.

Pallegina gets kicked out of her order and becomes a Kind Wayfarer.

Sagani goes back to her tribe and becomes an elder. In time another tribe member goes to search for her soul.

Hiravias goes back to his tribe, fights them until they acknowledge him, and then goes off wondering.

Grieving Mother becomes Dyrford's midwife (to make up for her sins?).

...am forgetting any more.


I definitely completed the main character ark quests for Aloth, Eder, Kana, Pallegina, Sagani, and Hiravias.

I don't think I completed the ones for Grieving Mother or Durance, and so I found their character endings a little confusing. (I talked to GM some, but probably I needed to do so more after entering the burial isle or something?) (Durance I talked to, but he kept telling me to stop, plus I never liked him a whole lot and so didn't use him at all in the later parts of the game.)


As far as my endings go, I think they were mostly positive, Raedric's shade and the Heritage Hill pieces being the only real negatives. (I always thought Pallegina was too good for her country, but maybe that ending was supposed to be negative?)


The two main things I left undone at the end were the songbird search quest and killing the adra dragon. I didn't realize I wouldn't get to try doing them after the epilogue. There may be one or two other quests I might have missed.


As far as game bugs, I'm not sure why I didn't get the fully upgrading my keep achievement.  There were no more upgrades left to buy, but maybe you have to kill or get rid of the adra dragon?


Anyway, I mostly enjoyed. Though I will say as normal difficulty the only three fights that were much trouble the whole game were the final Theos fight the Adra Dragon, and Raedric. Since I was fighting the Adra Dragon with level 8/9 party I meant to come back with a level 12, but never got the chance. From just before the end of act II until the end of the game fights were really easy and I could mostly just melee through them without using any abilities.


My main gripe having finished is that I played as a chanter and didn't realize until at some point in act 3 that you couldn't have multiple summons from different levels active at the same time which ruined my whole chanter build. Lesson: Only get two or three summon abilities because when you try to summon some miniature dragon things and it makes your ogres disappear, it's pretty lousy.

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