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Unable to Successfully Load in Recent SaveGame files.




I have been playing for many hours and am currently in the Keep trying to get through the bugged dungeon door that doesn’t allow you to open it.

I don’t know why but I no longer seem to be able to save a valid SaveGame file.

I can load older game files that are about 1kb in size. The new ones (the ones that don’t) work are about 2kb in size.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Load a game that works from a good save game file.

Save the game (create a new savegame file).

Try and Load that file and the system loads but no characters are present and the game says paused. You cannot play at this point.

For me this is 100% repeatable. I can reload the older game and play but every new saved game seems to be corrupted somehow.



At this point I am just asking if anyone else is experience this problem. I am currently uninstalling the game to do a fresh install and see if that resolves the issue and know how to resolve it.


If it persists I will see about uploading my saved game files that work and don;t work respectively.





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