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2nd playthrough, going Cipher, looking for suggestions

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I'm going to be starting a 2nd playthrough of the game (probably on normal) and was wanting to make a Cipher as the main character.  I'm looking for recommendations on race, attributes, spells, talents, etc.  I'm looking at using a gun eventually.  What are the must have spells for cipher?


First time through I noticed a lot of dialogue options that I couldn't access due to intelligence, perception, and other stats that I ignored due to building my character for damage and survivability.  Now I'm wondering if I should leave the heavy fighting to my companions and focus on conversational stats this time.  But I also don't want to gimp my character.  A recommendation on values for well rounded attributes is welcome.





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Dwarf or aumaua for might bonus. Wood elf for ranged accuracy bonus. Get might high and have an even mix of dexterity and intelligence. You can also bump perception to ~14 for dialogue options, but you're going to need some help from food, resting bonuses, or items in the later parts of the game to help with certain choices with high requirements.


Cipher's generally pretty good. 'Bad' spells are few and far between. As long as you stick to the back, use your weapon to build focus, and use your abilities wisely, you should have no problems -- even if you take high perception for roleplaying purposes.

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I ran melee low Mig and Con Orlan on Hard as crowd control machine. Other stats, including Resolve,  maxed except Dex but I do not think its possible to "gimp" cipher much, High Intelligence is essential for cc character for example but it really depends on how cipher is played and what are other members of party. You can max Per if you like no problems. Ciphers have inherit high deflection so you can go that way. Low Mig/Con is not power build it was good enough.

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