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Forge Knights on PotD



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Googled and found this topic since I just encountered the same problem with my solo cipher run. I was Waiting for ring leader for this very reason!


Anyway, don't know if it was a bug, but got through. You job is primarily to tank and let spells and summons do the damage. Your damage comes in only halfway though the fight


Wall for fire scrolls x2-3, Malignant Cloud Trap x3, Adra Beatle Summon are key. 1st fight is the hardest and you need to make the best of you positioning.

1.Place trap in doorway or chosen choke point.

2. Buff & drink focus generating food. Make sure you have relatiation shield equipped for extra Focus generation.

3.Use Body Attunement for pull and extra DR.  

4. Run past trap.

5. Drink Regeneration potion.

6. Summon Adra Beatle behind you (otherwise he gets swarmed) Use his lightning where they are bunched up.

7. Cast Fire Wall 

8. Use Silent Scream, or Spirit Lance for damage 


You might want to swap yourself with Adra Beatle at the choke point. He can take on one of them just fine without getting his AOE interrupted


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