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The Man Who Waits - Quest completed too early ?



Heya :)


So I've recently did the quest The Man Who Waits in the sanitarium at Defiance Bay, but a weird thing happened. After talking to Uscgrim and the whole soul conversation, I got a journal updated to subdue him, but right when the fight started against the constructs, I got a quest completed without even hitting any enemy.


Is that supposed to be like that ? I got no other information after killing everything


EDIT: just to clarify, the quest log states that he must be subdued to get more information about the whole watcher thing, but nothing happens after everything is over

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I'm getting something similar, in that the game thinks (in terms of dialogue options) that  I completed the quest without even talking to Azo (?) or going deeper into the Sanitarium and encountering Uscgrim.


The journal is another story, the quest stays open there, nothing updates, but there is no one I can talk to to make it progress.

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Exit the Sanitarium.


I have. Except the guy telling me to go meet Lady Webb, nothing happens. I just want to know if the quest completion after the soul jumping cut scene but before the fight was supposed to happen, as the journal states I have to subdue him for more information, but nothing of that sort happened

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