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Bug report: Druid - Wildstrike Shock not working?



Dear Obsidian Team & Community,


I wanted to report a possible bug: Playing as an Wild Orlan Druid, with Spiritshift Boar, I picked Wildstrike Shock as a talent. However the 30% Shock damage it is supposed to add are not displayed in the combat messages. Did other Druid players encounter the same problem, also with other Wildstrike talents?



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yup.  wildstrike only for spirit form.  you want the "eye of the storm" ability if you also want shock bonus in your normal form.

not sure if they stack... but they actually should, since the elemental bonus things like "eye" are passive.

also, as someone mention, you need to click on the actual attack listing in your combat log, it will then open the detail of the attack and show you all sources of damage, and the rolls your attack made agains the defender.


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