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Stat stacking Bug can stil appear when recruiting party members



I came to the map where you meet Sagani. There I saved and loaded the game before talking to her. When she joined my group she had a DR of -2. Loading the game when she was in my party solved the problem.


The problem did not appear when I did not save and load the game in this area before recruiting a char.


The problem can appear for Kana ( Int helmet) and Sagani, Hiravias, Grieving Mother, Pallegina ( fine armor).


For party members, the problem can be solved by reloading the game. I hope this bug does not work for NPC. Does anybody remember the stacking bug in BG2, where regenerating enemies ( like werewolfs) were stacking their regeneration on loading in the area? It made them almost immortal and in BGT I had to kill the Boss in the shipwrack via console command because he was healed fully after every hit in milliseconds.


The patch does not prevent the bug from happening. It removes the effect every time you load the game. This way the bug cannot hit party members after you loaded the game once with those chars in your party.

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