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So here's my first ending...


This is the ending of my first run. I played an aumaua fighter named Nurzhan of the Oasis, who was based on a long-running D&D character of mine. He was a merchant from the Deadfire Archipelago who moved to Dyrwood after his business rivals destroyed his shop. He ended up becoming a Watcher and Lord of Caed Nua. He defeated Thaos at level 11, with less than 1000 XP to go before level 12.


I roleplayed Nurzhan in-character for most of the game. I tried to follow my minimal reload policy, but as this was my first time playing the game, I relaxed this rule a bit and allowed myself to reload more often than usual, and almost always if I screwed up a fight or if a companion died. I've found that in my later runs, I've had to reload far less often because I had learned how to play the game properly. And finally, I made a beeline for Thaos instead of wasting time doing 1938494839834 different side quests.


My reputations were:


Benevolent 4 - Didn't set out to be a goody two-shoes adventurer, but merely picked what I thought my character would've done.


Clever 2 - Picked up a few sarcastic and witty comments early on, but soon changed to a more politically correct tone.


Diplomatic 3 - Politeness is useful in real life, as in Eora.


Honest 3 - Honesty is easy because you don't have to remember the details of your lies. It also makes several quests a lot easier if you're known to be honest.


Rational 4 - True Neutral. Whatever works.

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