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Absurd prices





After giving the dragon egg to Hendyna her prices go absurd.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:


Load the normal_prices.savegame savegame and give the egg to her.


Important Files:






Output Log


See attachment.


System Specs


I'm using the beta of Debian 8.

I didn't find the "system details" I could have copied.








Now that I investigated this I saw that the prices in Gilded Vale are might be

absurd, aswell. Screenshot:




If so, thank you for ruining my experience of Pillars of Eternity by giving me

practically infinite money. PoE is not ready, yet.

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Thanks for this link.


It's ridiculous that Obsidian doesn't feel shamed enough to apologize in public for these easy-to-spot, game-breaking bugs.


They clearly didn't test this game with any sense of responsibility.


I'm disappointed by the release and I'm angry because of their silence.

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