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Interrupt not calculating properly?

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I decided to create a new character designed to be interrupt focused, just to see how it works. I did several Orlan characters, all with perception of 20 and high dex, and both barbarians and rogues. However I noticed that I wasn't interrupting nearly as much as I expected to. So when I hovered over successful interrupts in the combat log, the values I was seeing added to the roll varied significantly. Sometimes it was 30, as was expected with 20 perception, but frustratingly most of the time it was actually 5. Now the combat log doesn't show unsuccessful interrupts, so I'm not sure how often this is happening, but with seeing only maybe one successful one per combat encounter (usually showing the 5 added), it seems like something is wrong. I would see this behavior from the very first fight on, and the same with each new character. This is not normal, correct? Anyone else experiencing this? 


This is the latest steam version, running on a macbook pro with 10.9.5. 

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