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Was just curious which enchantment(materials to do it) for weapon is available earliest in the game ? and where would those materials be ? i know 2x Turquoise for accurate can be found in secret stash in Valewood same goes for xaurip tongues they are on same spot (atleast 1) , 1 settlers arrow grows in gilded vale so  i would need 1 more i guess any ideas where to find it ? any1 else tryed to rush enchant Dissapointer to remove terrible ? 

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I found out where ingredients are so you can enchant Accuracy on your weapon as soon as you enter gilded vale , There is 1 settlers arrow in the end of tutorial and one in gilded vale near the center tree , blue stones you can get from secret stash in valewood at lizards camp also those lizards drop tongues that are also needed for enchantment , dissapointer hits like a truck tho 

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