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Well after putting about 5 hours into min-maxing different characters and seeing what sort of play style I'd like to use, I've come to a few conclusions.


1) Melee DPS seems to be utter garbage compared to ranged DPS, simply because they get shredded in four seconds if they pull agro, and tanks don't have any taunt ability that I have seen so far.

2) Paladins suck for DPS, once you blow your flames of devotion you are pretty much relying on auto-attacks and don't have any innate bonuses for them.


Essentially from a role-playing perspective I like playing characters that are melee DPS, but don't die as soon as someone accidently steps on their toes. I made a build for my main character that seemed to work, but I'm looking for more input before I start to go through the entire game with it and potentially regret it later.


Race: Hearth Orlan

Class: Fighter

Att: 18/10/18/10/10/12


This character has cranked might and dex for damage, and a bit of res just for some damage reduction. Fighters innately have good accuracy, so this coupled with the accuracy ability you can choose at level 1 along with the Hearth Orlan passive should theoretically result in high consistent single target DPS.


If anyone has thoughts on this, I'd like to hear them.

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