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Game is awesome, but ...

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... what the hell were going through Obsidian's minds when, having designed a totally new "engagement" mechanic, the first proper dungeon in the game is full of mobs that bypass that mechanic?


I mean, I think engagement is actually a great mechanic, it works really well, and I'm sure introducing mobs that bypass it would be a great thing to spice the game up maybe a few dungeons into the game.


But the first proper dungeon?  What were they thinking?


When you're just starting a game, everything is a mental fog, and it takes a bit of time for things to coalesce into some sort of sense.  Engagement is different enough that it takes time to get the hang of.  The first proper dungeon should actually train you in it, and to some extent, the way the Eothas temple is designed, with all the bottlenecks, that was obviously the intention to some degree. 


But then you plonk all those mobs that just totally bypass it and go for your Wizard or whatever?


I'll bet you any money that this annoyance has single-handedly been responsible for putting lots of people off the game in the early stages.  It very nearly put me off the game at the beginning - because it just turns into a chaotic scrum, when at that point, the game should be presenting you logic, so you can get a handle on things.


But otherwise, yeah, fantastic game - story, art, music, sound, characters, combat, everything.  And big as it is, I only wish it were twice the size!  Looking forward to an even bigger expansion/game in the near future!

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