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Rogue Reckless Assault Stacking

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My primary character is a rogue with Reckless Assault.  It appeared to be suppressing itself over & over again, which was fine as it didn't appear have any adverse affects on play.


I noticed my rogue crit for an insane amount of damage today, and I checked the logs noticing an unusually high accuracy.  After a bit of investigation, it appears as if those 'suppressed' Reckless assaults were actually stacking.  While this means I can instant kill anything with a melee attack, I also almost always get critted with an insanely high negative defense.


I'm having trouble attaching a screen capture to demonstrate.  These are the stats as reported by the game.


Final stats w/ Reckless Assault Active:

Damage Primary: 418-610

DamageSecondary: 289-410

Accuracy Primary: 213

Accuracy Secondary: 209

Defense: -104


Final Stats w/o Reckless Assault Active:

Damage Primary: 15-22

DamageSecondary: 11-15

Accuracy Primary: 61

Accuracy Secondary: 57

Defense: 38


Any guidance on how to fix this would be helpful.


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