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Leave formation for scouting = ok. Re-enter formation = suddenly blocked?

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I've have seen this now several times and each time I'm close to crying out of frustration and confusion.


Situation: I position my party at a choke point, then send my rogue out to set some traps and maybe even one-hit a weaker enemy to lure the mob to us. The rogue does her stuff, combat initiates, the enemy comes a-rolling, and then...MY ROGUE IS BLOCKED. Nobody in the party has moved an inch, the rogue could leave the choke just fine, but re-entering seems to be a problem all of the sudden.


Result: Rogue stands in the way of my front line melees who can't do anything until she's downed. Bummer.


Can anyone explain this to me?

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One solution to your current scenario would be to have your rogue use that "shadowed" talent that makes them invisible after setting traps and/or one shotting someone and move them away from the enemies leaving the enemy a clear path to your tanks before attacking them from the rear?

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Thanks, but I'm not wasting talent slots for workaround like that. I'll just have to take extra care to leave a corridor until the rogue is back and then manually close the gap with my melees. I remember BG2 having a 'let through' gimmick for this kind of thing, but I'm not sure if it was out-of-combat only as well.

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