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drm-free linux install





I've just bought the linux drm-free version from gog.com. I downloaded the tarball and decompressed it to some location as the readme specifies (there are installers for windows and mac but it seems none for linux). However I cannot save games and I wanted to know how to install the game properly so that it appears in my Games menu and I can save the game.


Thank you for your help.

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Not sure what readme you are referring to, the gog package does not contain one.


As for not able to save games: is the install directory writeable to your user? Or did you unpack it somewhere while being root? I just unpacked the gog tar.gz to "$HOME/games/Pillars of Eternity/". Works just fine.


Integration in the games menu. You didn't tell what desktop environment you have, but this probably works just fine. I've created a .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Pillars of Eternity
Exec="/home/kiza/games/Pillars of Eternity/start.sh"
Icon=/home/kiza/games/Pillars of Eternity/game/PillarsOfEternity.png

Cut&paste, change the paths of Exec and Icon accordingly and save the file under $HOME/.local/share/application/pillars_of_eternity.desktop

Should turn up in the game menu.

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