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Heart of the White Marsh quest

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Is it just me, or is this quest very weird and a little bit disappointing?


1. The letter that describes the plan is signed "AD". That's not enough to make you, the player, guess who the sender might be. Yet entering House Doemenel, you can tell the servant right away that there's a letter that might interest him. (At that point I was just looking around and very confused which letter this is all about!)


2. As far as I know, there isn't any way to actually find out what "AD" stands for other than giving the letter to Lord Reymont, which makes it impossible to choose the Doemenel side in this quest? Which means that there's no logical chain of events that brings you to House Doemenel in order to offer your services to that guy.


3. If you inform Lord Reymont, he thanks you and the quest is completed. But he also silently takes the Heart of the White Marsh away from you. If you went through the trouble of breaking in and finding the diamond, that's really frustrating. He never says anything to explain this, not even something like "and I suspect you're the thief who stole it a while ago, hand it over!" I could have accepted that. It would have been cooler if there was a way to keep the diamond while still getting the reward, but at least there would have been an explanation for losing the diamond.


So the logical way this quest proceeds is this one: You stumble upon some thieves and find a letter about a heist. You don't know what "AD" stands for so you assume it will be revealed at a later stage of the quest.

First option: You tell Lord Reymont about it, find out what AD stands for, but the quest is now completed. A little bit boring.

Second option: You do have all the information about the heist, so why not simply do it yourself and sell the item to the highest bidder? You break in, sneak around, try not to attack the guards, find the diamond and quickly leave. Now you can still only inform Lord Reymont, but at least you have the diamond, so you might be able to put some pressure on the guy. At the very least you can inform him, get his thanks and reward, and then sell the diamond to AD, the Dozens or the Crucible Knights!

...well, none of that happens though, because without warning and without any mention of it in the dialogue, the diamond gets removed from your inventory. The quest is completed and all your cool plans of double-crossing rich people are destroyed.


This is extremely frustrating. And as far as I can see, there's no logical third option that has you find out the name of AD and then offer your services to him. So... yeah, good idea for a quest, but a very sloppy execution, I think. :(

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What I did:


1. Find letter.

2. Go to the Doemenel manor (have same convo with guard). 

3. Leave and go to Lord Reymont. Talk to him and finish the quest.

4. Enter house via window and steal the diamond.

Wish there was a way to use it for an alliance with the dwarves (as LR tells you why the diamond is so valuable... or at least have some use of it)... This feels like an unfinished quest indeed. LR could have quickly secured the diamond after the quest was done at least.

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