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[bug] main quest



I found bug in main quest. That it is step by step:

  • I went to Domenels House gave them stone and took the quest to kill someone in knight's hall.
  • In the Knights community I finished 2 quests (about machines and undeads) I found it more interesting so...
  • ....so in Trading Company quest when Domenels appeared I killed them
  • I believed that NOW Knights or the Travelers would give me new quest (domenels attitude was bad), BUT because I took Domenels killing quest (and didnt finish it) they said that I had good relations with Domenels so they wouldnt give me new quests.
  • So...I went to Domenels house and... killed all of them =)
  • Then I returned to Knights and.... nothing, they still thought that Domenels are friends of mine, same with 3rd community
  • I thought "who cares" and went to the East. But after 3-4  hours of gameplay I found that I had to finish one of those quest to meet the king!!!!   But all Domenels are dead, and Knights with 3-d community just dont wanna give me the new quests. 


It's impossible to finish main quest now =((( 


I think that Knights and 3-d community have to change their attitude after you break relations with Domenels. It's some kind of BUG. Yes I killed all Domenels and can't take quest from them, my fault. But all Domenels are dead how can Knights say that I have good relations with them.


patch 1.03 does not help.  Its so sad..

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