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Cannot Enter Endless Paths of Od Nua?



When I first went through the keep, I just progressed along with the main quest, not stopping to check out the paths. But now my party is level 8, I'm at the Main Quest "Through Death's Gate", and I wanted to check them out.


Unfortunately, it seems I can't get through the entrance to level 2? I remember it was blocked off when I first went down there, and I talked to the statue about it but never actually went and checked to see that it became unblocked. It seems that it never did. 


The funny thing is that, even though I am blocked from actually walking onto the staircase, I can actually click on the map exit from behind the block. But when I do, it only gives me the option to go back to the surface. 


Am I missing something here? Was there another condition you had to fill to open up the Endless Paths that I just forgot about?

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There's another staircase down to level 2. What you are referring to are the stairs BACK UP from an unknown level below

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