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I will tell you that I'm not sure how I would have gotten passed the final boss fight without 2 dedicated tanks.

"Art and song are creations but so are weapons and lies"

"Our worst enemies are inventions of the mind. Pleasure. Fear. When we see them for what they are, we become unstoppable."

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I am starting a new game on hard and having trouble picking a class to play. In your experience is it better to have an optimised pc tank or dps? This will be my first run and i will only use party members found in game.

for your pc?

no question a tank!

for the only reason, that perception intellect and resolve are very common dialoge options, and those 3 only provide a real benefit to tanks.

with one exteption, the offensive chanter, but i don't like a kite build...

intellect doesn't give you much as fighter, but i personally wouldn't want to miss intellect as dialoge option.

a paladin tank can make a good use of those 3 stats.

and also a chanter tank.

i'm also still choosing what to take here... i just can't really decide.

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Are you playing on normal? Hard? PotD?


Unless you're playing on PotD, it doesn't really matter.


If you're going to be playing with NPC's, it's best to play a barbarian, rogue, or monk. Paladin also works because you get insane bonuses for sticking to the actions of your order.

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