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Modals in "Suppressed" state still apply effects - dependant on activation order



Duality of Mortal Presence (Deflection) and possibly other modals can incorrectly apply their bonus when flagged as "Suppressed".


Steps to Reproduce:

1) Activate Cautious Attack (+10 Def)

2) Activate Duality of Mortal Presence (Deflection) (+8 Def)

3) open your character sheet

4) See that Duality of Mortal Presence (Deflection) is flagged as "Suppressed", but your Deflection score has gone up by 18 points


alternative steps to see proper functionality:

1) Activate Duality of Mortal Presence (Deflection)

2) Activate Cautious Attack

3) open your character sheet

4) See that Duality of Mortal Presence (Deflection) is flagged as "Suppressed", and your Deflection score has correctly gone up by only 10 points

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Try using the following steps:


1) First ensure that the erroneous buffs are tied to the ability itself.  This may require some toggling on and off of the ability.


2) Turn OFF the ability.  This should remove all buffs.  The erroneous buffs will still be tied to the ability.


3) Perform a save.


4) Reload the save (might need to restart client, unsure).


5) Ability should be working correctly.


I used this to fix Reckless Assault (rogue ability) and Pellegrina's Zealous +3 DR aura thingy.

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^^^Thanks, but it didn't work for me.


I'm noticing multiple bugs now - if I order all the modals to be activated while paused, it's a total crapshoot whether I'll end up with +8, +10, or +18 def after a few seconds, even though both modals glow and are listed as active on the char sheet. This is from a brand new character made in 1.03 hotfix by the way.


edit: actually, enabling CA and then DoMP while unpaused gave me the correct +10 the first time after a reload. If I disable DoMP and enable it again, I gain 8 def.

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