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[1.03] Fire godlike and barbarian bugs




Barbarian ability "One stands alone" does mention damage increase in the tooltip, but none in description. The actual damage increase is about +20 flat damage. No way this is intentional, since all damage modifiers are percentage based in the game.


Fire godlike "Battleforged" racial deals fire damage and counts as a melee attack, thus benefiting from a large number of abilities it is not supposed to benefit from, like "One stands alone", "Vulnerable attack" etc.


Steps to reproduce

1. Make fire godlike barbarian

2. Level up to level 5 taking "One stands alone"

3. Engage 2+ enemies and let them drop endurance below 50%. They will start getting 30 (2*5 + 20) fire damage hits. Melee attacks also deal extra 20 damage.

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