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Aloth and Eder removed from party after patch and unable to rejoin



On loading my game that I just played yesterday they're both missing from my party and standing in the town where you recruit them. Dialog is the same as if they were in my party and I can't recruit them again from the stronghold.


Their icons are also visible as in my party on my save game but gone whenever I load it.


Here's a link to my dxdiag and all my savefiles: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qgv8w1qs6j9rqz/files.zip?dl=0  Only the saves with Eder and Aloth's portrait visible on load are effected.

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I've had the same problem, only it was Kana being removed from the party when I left Bright Hollow. He's not back in Caed Rua either, can't be added from the stronghold party selection. I'm on Ironman so I can't go to an earlier save.


Edit : Reinstalling changed nothing for my save


Save File is just after leaving brighthollow, there was a log saying 'Kana has left the Party' and then he was just gone. Couldn't find him anywhere in the Stronghold, don't know where else he would be.



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