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[Bug] Getting unlimited XP after completing the first step in the Endless paths quest



So I've decided to do some more Endless Paths digging after hours of playing and when I found the item needed to complete the first step of the quest, I received unlimited amounts of XP. Now.. Obsidian somehow won't let me create an account so I'm posting it here, hoping someone will notice it.


XP bug


Also, I can't save the game after getting this bug and when I use any stairs I get the same bug as Raedric's, screen turns black after loading and crashes.


Edit: Ran into more experience bugs. I decided not to complete the quest I wrote above, then I ran into two more bugs, two screenshots below. I'm a bit disappointed because I keep running into the same 'problem', also saving doesn't work when this bug appears. The lockpick experience bug stopped when I moved any of my characters but I still can't unlock it. 


Lockpick bug

XP bug after killing all Rogue Knights


Here is my savegame as well: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=8bb1bc47-bb6c-4cb2-b5b1-38f3cf463667+quicksave.rar



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