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BUG: Handing Bounties in to Warden Fyrgen at Level 12



When I do this, the game goes in to an infinite loop of messaging "Party gained 0 experience".

Exiting the Warden's Lodge at this point crashes the game, and it's not possible to save, either quick or regular.

It is possible to load however.

If I try to exit the lodge while the message is being spammed, the game crashes.


I am trying to hand in bounties for:


Galen Dalgard


Captain Muārumi


This happens whichever bounty I choose to hand in first.


In the interest of full disclosure, I am running a cheat save having used "iroll20s". This was to pad character stats and money, but not experience.


A copy of my save can be found here.

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Also in that save, Raedric can't be killed during the quest "Champion of Berath".

Upon reaching 0HP, he becomes untargetable. Initially, he'll just be standing there and combat will end. If I exit the map and re-enter, he becomes hostile again with full HP.

If I kill him again at this point, upon reaching 0HP he will be able to attack my characters, but I won't be able to attack him, and AoE seemingly has no effect.

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