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Immovable Party Bug (reproducible) v.



This is a bug I stumbled upon and can reproduce consistently.  It happens no matter what map I am on, so I won't bother attaching a save file.  You should be able to try it out easily.




1.  Load any saved game.

2.  Open the journal by pressing J.

3.  Click on the Notes tab.

4.  In the left pane, click on two of your notes' titles in a row.  Any two.

5.  Close the journal by pressing ESC.

6.  Your party is now immovable.  Clicking on the ground to move them will do nothing.  None of your hotkeys work now, either, including the pause key.


Want to release them?   Pres ESC twice in a row, and then they can move again.


Kind of a fun bug, if you want to step away from your computer and make sure your little brother doesn't mess with your characters.  Lock 'em down until you return!





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