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For story, what are optimal companions / per location?

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Since I can't have all the premade companions in a party at once, I have to decide who goes with depending on where I go.  If I want to get the most out of quest and insightful companion chatter, what places are best to have who and where?


For example, Ader seems to be extra chatty in copper lane, but I keep him in my party the whole time anyways.

Haven't heard as much from the druid, but I'm guessing I might get more action when I go to the eastern parts of the map.

The bard guy of course is good to have around for the Endless paths under the stronghold, and I noticed he was extra active in the ship district. 

Haven't noticed a pattern with the angry priest yet, but he did have more to say in this one fiery cave.

The ranger is mostly quiet so far

And the grieving mother just seems random.


Maybe the question should be, who should I leave out, and when?

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