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Reputation bug/mistakes



I noticed through my playthrough that there are a lot of reputations bugs or reputation bonus/loss misplaced. I decided to note a few of them down near the end when I was at Twins Elm part of the game.


- A Servant of Death is a quest related completely to Twins Elm but when I completed it, I got for no reason reputation with Deviance Bay

- At Teir Evron, when you are completing the 4 God's tasks, I got lots of reputation bonus with Twin Elms for 3 of the taks, but Ryrmgand for no reason gave me reputation with Dyrford Village (lol)

- I went after Raedric when he is reborn. I killed him and got Extraordinary reputation bonus with Gilded Vale. But when I passed through the first level of the keep on my way back, I lost Major reputation with Gilded Vale for no reason. I tested a save before accepting Raedric challenge and it seems this reputation loss trigger is in the keep itself, specifically the first level.


And these are just a few of the many reputation problems there.


I also came across tons of other bugs, some minor, other major. One particularly bad was my main character not standing up when he fell in battle out of endurance, nothing would happen when the battle was over, I wouldn't be able to leave the area and summons wouldn't be unsummoned (but the battle was over because all enemies were dead and the other characters were no longer in that fighting stance). The game is quite buggy but I had tons of fun, just make sure you polish it better and test everything thoroughly before releasing. 

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