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[bug] Stealth / Search breaks every time a scripted event starts



I understand why this might be done intentionally: because in most cases, the people speaking to you before an encounter have detected you. However, there are times (such as dungeon crawling in the Temple of Eothas, seeing the spirits of the past etc...) where breaking stealth just means I have to reactivate it immediately. Obviously, throughout the course of the game this is a lot of micromanagement which ought not require my attention.


I'd suggest that stealth should behave normally in scripted encounters. That way, after (whoever) is done speaking, anyone stealthy enough not to be detected by the group confronting the party (such as a rogue) will remain in stealth and not have to wait for the detection timer to countdown before being effective once more.


The above assumes that current behavior is intended. I suspect it is likely just a bug.


Pretend everything I just said was brilliant.

Now stop pretending you have to pretend.

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