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Clarification: Is Chanting being unaffected by Attributes a bug or not?



When you choose a phrase on level up, it shows you numbers indicating that it's duration and damage is going to be affected by attributes, but then in the description when I right click the chant to see the description in my 'spellbook' it shows only the base numbers and in game it appears they are indeed not affected.


So either the numbers showing up on leveling up are wrong (like for 15 int and might selecting The Dragon Thrashed, it says it does 46 burn and 46 slash over 15 seconds) or that's what it's actually supposed to be and it not being affected by attributes in play is a bug. So either way something is wrong.


Here's what I mean:


http://i.imgur.com/OxXiQdZ.jpg (seems like it'll be affected by attributes)


http://i.imgur.com/ar1puF5.jpg (but isn't actually)

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