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I made a dual wield rogue for my first playthrough on hard. As soon as I was able to I hired a barb and named her after my gf in a laughable attempt to stave off frustration of me sitting on my ass.


I maxed Might/Con, never even took frenzy. The plan was to wear heavy armor and off tank for Eder via DR/talents/high con while dishing out some damage with a greatsword now and then. Worked like a charm. Next thing I know I wreck this group of adventurers stealing relics and get the Sanguine armor which has retaliate. This and a barbarian is amazing. My lil blonde tanked like a beast and by the end of the game did thousands upon thousands of damage more than anyone.


Long story short. I love this game - and retal armor on a 2h carnage machine is amazing.


Now trying to decide my main character and party for POTD!

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