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Failed to Save



First off here's my files for reference....always good to have those.  Hopefully this link works.




My problem has been ongoing since lauch but has become more common after entering Defiane Bay.  Basically every so often the game will just stop saving whether by F5 for a new save from menu.  In the output file attached you can see my attempts to quicksave and the failures that follwed.  What's weird is the bug is compeltely random.  I'll zone into a new zone and it'll save fine.  I fight a battle and it'll save fine.  I fight another battle and it will fail to quicksave or save in any form.


I've tried all the standard fixes like reinstalling on Steam, Admin, and all that.  It's just interesting that it seems random from playing.  Also as a fix I try every time to load into a new area and it hangs on the loading screen.  I'm sure this issue is around this forum somewhere but I can't find it.  As a note I can keep playing I just can't hit a loading screen or save anywhere so it becoems pointless to try.


If i exit the game and reload it'll load everything but the autosave without issue.  After this it's just luck if I can keep going.  The output log shows an error when deleting the old autosave but I haven't coded in years and got nothing from it.


Some Facts:


Steam version

As Admin

Already reinstalled twice


I think that covers the basics.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks and keep up the good work guys!

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