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1.03 crash on the loading screen [solved]



I tried to launch 1.02 saves but i had crashes. I tried auto save / rapid save / normal save. I tried with 3 of my characters. Still crashing.

On the loading screen, the one with an artwork, right before entering the game, it crashes. Thinking it might be my saves that are the problem, I tried to launch a new game. Same crash, on the loading screen with the artwork. I tried to change language from french to english, still crashing.

Here are my sys spec :

i7 2600K
8 Go DDR3
MSI 970 GTX (347.52)
Game on a M550 Crucial SSD - Steam version

Win 7 64 bit up to date


UPDATE : After checking my local files with steam, it seems it needs to download 616 Mo of files not validated


UPDATE 2 : Solved after checking game cache integrity and downloading corrupted files again.

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Hey HanSL0,


Thanks for all the information. I've added it our are database and I'm going to throw it to a programmer to look into it. We are looking to get a fix in an upcoming update.



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heyy, it might be a bit late but im having this problem! been having it since i first installed the game, it seems to crash on almost every loading screen. It would get through one every now and again until it updated last night, now thismorning i cant even load any saves, or create a new character. loading saves it'll crash on the loading screen right there, creating a new character it crashes when i get to the point of entering a name. ive tried checking the chache on steam but all files validated, and after that i redownloaded the entire game and that didnt work. ive attempted the font fix, but i dont have the file that im to delete so i dont think thats the problem. My specs are:


OS:Windows 7 64-bit SP1


CPU: AMD FX-8120


Ram: 8GB DDR3


Motherboard: ASUSTeK M5A78L-M LX (AM3R2)


Graphics card: 1023mb Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 TI

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Hey kaesama,


This issue is solved so you probably won't get any help posting in here. I did a brief search for a thread to link you to but couldn't find one. Can you make a new thread about your issue and if you could attach your save file/output.log we could look into this for you. We've been using dropbox to link saves/output.logs.



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