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Improve Reputation with Doemenel?

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Hi, is there a chance to do so?


Because I accidantely didnt rat Nyrel out and now my reputation is "Troublemaker (Faintly Bad)". It didnt matter to me till I read somewhere that when you do a specific quest for the Doemenel you will gain a +30% Crit DMG multiplier reward.


For me as a rogue it is a huuugeee disadvantage.

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Ok, after searching the internet I found a way through the console and added some reputation points (till my reputation with them was "Defender (Extremely Good)") to Doemenel. Excited entered their House and spoke to the doorman but he still does not give me the opportunity to do quests for them :banghead:


I still have just 3 dialog options:


1: "Tell me about House Doemenel."

2: [Attack] "I'm just here to loot the place and kill anyone in my way."

3: "Farewell."


Is there really nothing I can do at this point? ;(

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Did you surprise the thieves in copperlane already (unmarked building close to the Dozens HQ)? If not, get the letter and you should get additional dialogue options from this...

Ah, I could see that working too.

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