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Kalakoth's Minor Blight bugged



Kalakoth's Minor Blight burn - has a bug, that unfortunately trashed my Wizard


1. I can't select weapon load outs... I can remove weapon with right click, but cannot re-equip them, slots become red for any wand  (the ability still shows to be taking up all slot even though they are all empty)

2. My Grimoire has disappeared and I cannot equip any other Grimoire

3. My character just runs up and starts punching the target (head butting would be less painful)

4. Have reloaded, rested multiple times, zoned multiple times, kicked the neighbours cat (twice) and she is still broken

5. one of the weapions I removed after the bug was Kalakoth's Minor Blight itself


Had I realised it earlier I could of reload from an auto save, but unfortunately I had saved and zoned several times just doing exploration (and minor theft.... a lot of minor theft).


can I recreate? no for obvious reasons.


essentially the game is now broken

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I've had this same issue. It caused my Grimoire on my main (Wizard) to disappear, and I'm unable to equip a new one. My last non auto/quick save not affected by this was way back at the start of the game.

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