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Managing Party at Black Hound in in Gilded Vale wipe NPC inventory



I noticed this when a bunch of Grimoires had disappeared from Aloth's inventory when I had him rejoin me at Caed Nua. I traced my steps to see just where they disappeared, since testing it again in Caed Nua didn't remove any items.


How to re-create:

-Talk to innkeeper in Gilded Vale

-ask to see rooms

-Click the "party tab"

-Remove everyone, or just one character (doesn't seem to matter, tested it all!)

-Next time the character joins party his/her inventory is empty. Tested it with random items on every character.

I travelled to a bunch of other inns and this did not happen anywhere else, at least where I tested it. Doesn't happen in Caed Nua.


Odd note: for some reason Pallegina wasn't affected if she rejoined right back in the Black Hound.

This is early in the game, I got all companions at level 4 with very few quests done. Caed Nua is barely upgraded etc. Just mentioning in case there is some flag problems.


Will edit and upload save files if neccessary.


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