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What to build myself, or: is there an NPC list?

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I enjoy building characters, but I also enjoy experiencing all the content that a game's devs have thoughtfully created for me. Seems like some of that content will be dialogue and personal quests of named NPCs.


So, I don't want to "waste" time building a hired Fighter if, for example, there's a cool named NPC fighter that I can pick up. Like Eger.


Is there a list of NPC companions for PoE? Don't need names, just classes.



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As above, the Fighter, Mage, and Priest are all available quite early. The Paladin, Druid, and Cipher are found the latest, though it's fairly reasonable to get them within the first couple hours of playing if you know where they are. 


That said, there is no Rogue, Monk, or Barbarian NPC -- so if you're looking for the full NPC experience, I would highly recommend making one of those.

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