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Fire Godlike Damage Resistance stacking bug (found the cause and a workaround).)



After I started playing again today (carefully avoiding all reported bug issues), while in Caed Nua I noticed that bonus DR from battle-forged stayed under the active effects even after the combat ended and is once more stacking with it self. So I loaded an earlier save, where the bug hadn't happened yet and decided to test it out.


The game does not let you save in combat, BUT once combat ends saving is available almost immediately. At the end of combat it takes a few seconds for all "combat only" buffs to deactivate and for auto-healing to kick in, but you can quick-save during that timeframe. When you do that, your DR from battle-forged stays on as a permanent effect once you have reloaded.


To avoid the bug, simply don't save immediately after combat ends, use fast-healing as an indicator when it's safe to quick-save ;)


Hope this helps.

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