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Suggestion: Add a junk section & designation.

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As a kleptomancer, I tend to gather a tremendous number of generic items that I would like to sell off.  This is a tedious process, as generics get mixed in with unique or useful items.  I feel that the solution to this is to add a junk section to the stash, where items marked as junk by the player automatically go to.


Right-click an item to open the description window, then click the "unwanted" box at the bottom, and voila - every identical item will always go to the junk section.  If you mistakenly junked a item, go to its window and click "wanted" to return it to the regular filter.


In addition to this, it would be nice if a search box was added to the stash, where you can find an item by typing in the name.  Maybe add an checkbox to allow the search engine to examine the item description as well?  Being able to sort items, such as by level (potions & scrolls), effect, quality, and so forth would be the cherry on top.

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