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Possible Bug? "His Old Self" Quest [spoilers]



Not sure if known issue, I searched the forums but couldn't find mention of it. It's very low-key and doesn't really affect gameplay, but I thought I'd report it anyway.



I saved Purnisc by killing all the mercs, but told Kaenra the truth about his dealings and advised her to stay away from him: at this point I got the quest reward and the quest was marked as completed in the journal.


Out of curiosity, I then tried to talk to Kaenra again, to hear about what her intentions were now, but surprisingly, she instead asked me again if I had found Purnisc yet. My only reply option was then "I'm still looking into it", after which she asked me again "What happened with Purnisc? Did you give him the ring?", to which I can only reply "Not yet. I'll be back".


This dialogue happens every time I talk to Kaenra, now.





I’m selling these fine leather jackets.

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