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Mobs Won't Attack. ( Possiable Spoilers)



Hello, I don't normally post on forums, just do alot of reading, I looked around a bit and didn't see this bug that I've experienced.

I did the spark quest and went into the cave and found Cail the Silent ( omg I freaked out) I was only level 5 and he thrashed me, thought to myself hey why not try again lol its a dragon after all..I won primarily due to the fact that halfway thru the encounter everything stopped attacking me and just stood there.... I ran out, was some drakes, they just...stood there... I made a new character ran into the wolf that just....stood there... and then all the people from the caravan ambush just stood there, I'm free to run around and attack as much as I want but everything eles basically looks and says 'oh heck no I don't want none of that!" and just stands and lets me kill them =(



TL;DR Mobs are afraid of me, and stand there and let me kill them don't matter what save, even brand new characters they just don't want none of this /flex  ( Please fix it =( kinda defeats the purpose of the entire game, I mean I've read about the unlimited loading and stats bug, but I think this one beats that, who needs stats when nothing has the guts to attack you in the first place...)

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