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Hello guys,


I'm new on game, i've read a lot of thing about classes. But i need some specific informations.


As a tank, should i use : Fighter or Palladin ? ( I think i'll use 2 tankers on my party, so... can u guys give me builds or something about ? with one is better?)


As a dps : Druid and Cipher ( buid of these two too, Ps: Ranged Cipher)


As Supp : Priest and a Chanter (don't know anything about these two.)



Thanks for helping.


Ps2: Sorry for my poor inglish, it's not my mother language.

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Fighter or Paladin is fine for a tank. The fighter has more raw tanking ability, but the paladin serves to better support the rest of the team. It's not a bad idea to have one of both in your party.


Druid and Cipher are both good DPS. Druid has the advantage early because shapeshift is so powerful in the first portion of the game. Cipher never has to worry about per rest abilities, but a druid will able to do more over the course of a long combat than a Cipher will. Basically, druids are better at long 'boss' fights where you use a lot of abilities and Ciphers are better at contributing a lot to every encounter. The druid wants maxed might and intelligence. The cipher wants maxed might and good dexterity and intelligence.


Priest is pretty hard to mess up. Just make sure he has high intelligence.


Chanter can serve as a decent off-tank. Put him in heavy armor and a shield and stick him up at the front. His stats don't particularly matter; it's not a bad idea to give him decent constitution, intelligence, resolve, and perception if you want him to serve strictly as a tank.

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Thanks for the answer ! :D


I was think let the pally and fighter in front line, a chanter on the middle and the three squishys (Cipher, Druid and Priest) on back. So ... the chanter can buff all party (and mainly the reload and atk speed of the cipher) Is that a good choice?


(i would use Eder as fighter and make my paladin full supp / defense or i can go to a little more damage build ?)

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